John Doe’s Safe with Rifle Rods

John Doe's Gun Safe Before and After Rifle Rods
Before and After Rifle Rods – for a detailed review read below.

John Doe provides a great breakdown of the details in his new safe arrangement using Rifle Rods

Gun safe 42w x 60h x 25 d, advertised as a 42 long gun safe.  Of course, we all know the manufacturer claims are phooey and I knew that going in.  Loaded the safe in it’s original config (typical triple U rack) and managed to get 23 long guns in, albeit tight and clumsy, and difficult to retrieve those to the rear without moving 5 or 6 in front and risking damage.

Thus invested in a 40 pack of your rifle rods, reconfigured the safe, eliminated the triple U, retained the two verticals, added a shelf to raise the shorter long guns and capped the vertical dividers.

Result = 26 long guns in two rows deep with room enough for another 15, thus revised safe capacity = 41 long guns, and only having to remove two to retrieve one in the rear.

Here’s what we are loving about John’s safe transformation:

  1. John shows how Rifle Rods can run up through the shelf and attach to the surface above, whether it is the ceiling or another shelf. This is a great benefit for those that have those one or two extra long guns.
  2. John kept his vertical shelf standards to support a shelf which is boosting up the shorter guns. This creates extra ammo storage too – win, win! It’s clear that John really spent time thinking about the best arrangement when he grouped guns of similar heights in the three different sections.
  3. He sent in his review!! These safe testimonials are so valuable to anyone on the fence about wether Rifle Rods will work for them or not. John left great documentation and took fantastic before and after pictures. This is just one example of the many safe transformations we witnessed – click here to see more testimonials.

To purchase Rifle Rods for your gun safe, please shop on our website or visit one of our retailers.  The link below will add Rifle Rods to your cart on our website.

Gun Safe using Rifle Rods
John Doe’s Gun Safe using Rifle Rods
John Doe's Gun Safe without Rifle Rods
John Doe’s Gun Safe with regular gun rack, before Rifle Rods.

LED Light Kit for Gun Safes

Lighting has always been an issue in gun safes. There are many safe light kits out there, but A&R Motorsports LED Safe Light Kit is the one that we like the best. It is now available on our website to purchase. If you purchase it, be sure to let us know what you think!

Here’s why we like it:

  • The thin strips of gel coated LED lights with 3M double sided tape preinstalled. They are easy to hide and flexible to work with.
  • Cut the end strip on any of the cut lines for a custom fit.
  • Infrared motion sensor for auto on/off with a manual on/off switch.
  • There are 5 12″ strips available and the strips disconnect and reconnect very easily – without being too easy.
  • The power cord separates from the wall plug and is small enough to fit through the existing hole in a safes.
  • Will also work very well in a glass display cabinet
Light Kit for Gun Safes - Motion Activated LED
Light Kit for Gun Safes – Motion Activated LED
2 of the 5 LED light strips. One is plugged in and turned on.
motion sensor detector
Motion sensor detector
LED Light Kit components
All components of the Gun Safe LED Light Kit – 5 strips, Motion Detector and power supply.
Storage reel
Components of the light kit come in this handy reel to keep things organized.

New: Slatwall Snipers in Both Orientations

After many requests to make Slatwall Snipers face the opposing position, we now make the product in both orientations!  Add them to cart right here!

Healy Arms Gun Shop

Gun Storage Solutions gun display products are changing how guns are displayed in gun shops.  Healy Arms, as pictured, is using our Kikstands and Slatwall Gun Cradles to display their gun inventory.  This is a gun display that is sure to impress customers.  The owner, Mark Healy, is delighted at how versatile the product is and how easy it is for his sales team to use.

Healy Arms gun shop using Gun Cradles and Kikstands to display their inventory.
Healy Arms gun shop – using Gun Cradles and Kikstands to display their inventory.
Healy Arms gun shop is using Kikstands to display their 1911 collection.
Healy Arms gun shop – using Kikstands to display their 1911 collection.
Healy Arms gun shop - view of slat wall and gun counter.  Using Kikstands and Slatwall Gun Cradles.
Healy Arms gun shop – view of slat wall and gun counter. Using Kikstands and Slatwall Gun Cradles.

Create a useable and eye catching display for your gun shop today – Shop Gun Storage Solutions gun display products now!

About Us Video

We have a unique story.  It’s a story we would like for our customers to know more about so we had a short video made.  It captures our history, our everyday and our future.  Please give it a view.  We aren’t like most companies out there.  We appreciate you, as our customer, because you support us as a family – not a major corporation.

Shop on our website for gun safe maximizing products and gun display fixtures.

Pull Test Results of Multi-Mags

When shopping for a gun magnet, knowing the product’s magnetic strength is very important.  Will your gun be securely held in place by the magnet?  Will you be able to draw the firearm effectively?  Where/how can the magnet be installed?

Here is the low down on Multi-Mags so you can make an educated shopping decision.

The Multi-Mags are made to attach to a metal surface and are also easily installed onto a wood shelf with a staple gun.  The Multi-Mags attached to a metal shelf will give you greater pull strength than the wood because the metal shelf provides a return path for the magnetism and pushes the strength back towards the other face.   So, based on that, here are the results:

  • One magnet strip (two magnets) attached to 1/2″ thick Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) as the base on one side, like a metal shelf, on one side and 3/16″ thick CRS, like the metal on the slide of a pistol, on the other side: Pulled straight up = 10-12 pounds of pull.
    • Using the same method as above with half of the strip (one magnet): Pulled straight up = 5-6 pounds of pull.
  • One magnet strip (two magnets) attached to 1/2″ thick wood as the base on one side, like a wood shelf, and 3/16″ thick CRS, like the metal on the slide of a pistol, on the other side: Pulled straight up = 6 pounds of pull.
    • Using the same method as above with half of the strip (one magnet): Pulled straight up = 3 pounds of pull.

Please note: Test results are optimized by using the proper thickness and flatness of CRS, pull test equipment,  and so forth.  Many things effect how magnets perform, such as the thickness of the steel.    Therefore, the pull strengths given on this blog post are for reference purposes only and we cannot guarantee that the magnet will perform in the same manner or have the same pull strength in the field.

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118 Handgun Safe

That’s right, ONE HUNDRED and EIGHTEEN handguns are in this gun safe!  No, they are not stacked in boxes or shoved into corners.  Each firearm is easily accessed with one hand thanks to Handgun Hangers!  The owner has used mostly Over-Under Handgun Hangers throughout the safe – these give easy access storage above and below a shelf.  The bottom, right two shelves are using Original Handgun Hangers – these give space-saving storage below the a shelf.

If you are looking for a way to maximize your gun safe to store more guns while keeping everything easy to access, Handgun Hangers are the perfect solution.  Simple and innovative.  Made in the USA by Gun Storage Solutions.  GSS offers space saving solutions for long guns as well – check out Rifle Rods!

handgun storage, handgun hangers, store more guns
118 handguns at the ready.

New National Sales Manager

A few weeks ago we welcomed on an amazing new employee – Jennie Burningham!  Jennie will be our National Sales Manager.  She is very experienced in our industry, having worked at Liberty Safes for 15 years and Champion Safes for the past 2 years.  As a National Account Manager at Liberty Safes, Jennie was already familiar with our products when they were brought onto the Liberty Safe accessory line-up in 2012.  She has been a huge supporter of GSS since she saw how our safe accessories improved the interior of any gun safe.

If you were at the 2015 NRA Annual Convention you would have seen her hit the ground running, having just coming aboard the previous week.  We can’t wait to see what Jennie will bring to Gun Storage Solutions.  She has already done such great work in the short time she has been with us.

If you are looking to carry Gun Storage Solutions Safe Accessories in your store, please contact Jennie in the form below.  We have no doubt she will take good care of you!

Jennie, GSS National Sales Manager
Jennie at the 2015 NRA Annual Convention.


Multi-Mags + Handgun Hangers

There is nothing better than realizing a product you’ve made has more uses than you originally made it to have.  Well, we’ve discovered a way to combine the trusty and popular, Handgun Hangers, with our latest and greatest product, Multi-Mags.  With any semi-auto comes magazines…possibly lots of magazines.  Keep your magazines right next to your gun with the pairing of Multi-Mags and Handgun Hangers!

The cool thing about Multi-Mags is that they are super versatile and we keep coming up with more uses for them.  What sets them apart from other gun and magazine magnets is that they are two magnets tethered together by a durable rubber coating.  Fold the magnets over onto each other to create a loop at the top.  In this case we slid the loop over the rod on Handgun Hangers to make the two products work in a new, useful way.  See the pictures below…


Original Handgun Hangers paired with Multi-Mags are a great way to keep everything together in one place.  The Multi-Mag folds around the rod of the Handgun Hanger to create a magnet on each side of the Handgun Hanger.  The Handgun Hanger holds the two magazines and the pistol in a space saving manor, underneath a shelf.

Use Multi-Mags in conjunction with other Handgun Hanger styles, like Over-Under Handgun Hangers and Back-Under Handgun Hangers.

Over-Under Handgun Hangers + Multi-Mags

Back-Under Handgun Hangers + Multi-Mags

We know there are many other uses for Multi-Mags that are yet to be discovered.  Maybe you could devise the next useful trick.